7 Planets Align 2022: Where To See The Planets Align

7 Planets Align 2022

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Where To See The Planets Align

“Even if this phenomenon doesn’t seem rare, but you go outside the house and you see this planet in a straight line, it’s rare,” Hanniken said. The month of June will pass like that. The planet Mercury can be easily seen.

7 Planets Align 2022

From time to time wonderful and rare events happen in space. One of these amazing phenomena is the coming of planets in a line in space. This month you will see a rare and wonderful sight in the sky. Five planets will appear in a straight line in space. This whole month Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will appear in a line.

7 Planets Align 2022:Where To See The Planets Align

However, telescopes and scientific instruments are needed to see this rare sight in the sky from the earth. So you will need binoculars to see the amazing view. You can see this scene one by one in the morning. This spectacle will be seen in space after 18 years in space. The last time this sight was seen was in December 2004. The biggest thing is that this time the distance between Mercury and Saturn will also be extremely short.

All Planets Align 2022|Where To See The Planets Align

The last week of April 2022 has begun and a rare phenomenon is being observed, with 4 planets appearing in a line. This event is also known as ‘Planet Parade’. There is no scientific definition of a planet parade, but it is being used in astronomy to show an event when the planets are in a line.

What makes this scene even more amazing is that these planets are in their natural order from the sun. According to Sky & Telescope magazine, this scene has not been seen since December 2004. It is normal to see two or three planets together in the sky but the confluence of five planets is absolutely unique and rare in itself. “Traditionally the confluence of planets has more to do with astrology than serious astronomy,” NASA astronomer and researcher Mitzi Adams said in a blog post last month.

Where To See The Planets Align

According to Shubhendu Patnaik, there are 3 types of planet parades. When the 3 planets of our solar system come to one side of the sun, it is the first kind of group parade. It can be seen for several days in a year. Similarly 4 planets come in a line once in a year, 5 planets once in 19 years and 8 planets in a line once in 170 years.