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abhijit patidar viral video, abhijit patidar viral video real, abhijit patidar viral video link abhijit patidar viral video, Jihadi youth cuts throat of Jabalpur Mekhla girl. This video is now viral. This 13 second viral video of a Jihadi youth cutting her throat and telling her not to infidelity is now going viral on social media. This is a lesson to all the Hindu girls who have been in contact with Jihadis and their sweet words. Be aware.

The video has gone viral on social media because it makes a similar claim. Click here to read. [Warning] Visuals can be distressing for some. It is recommended that readers exercise discretion.


Mulsim man cuts throat of Hindu girl because he committed infidelity.

Fact Check

Logical Indian’s fact-check team found the viral claim to be false. The accused is a member of the Hindu community.

 abhijit patidar viral video real

To isolate keyframes in the viral video, we used InVid’s Keyframe Analysis tool. We did a reverse image search of one of the keyframes to find the viral video still in a NDTV report dated 15 November 2022. According to the report, the viral incident occurred in Mekhla Resort, Jabalpur’s Tilwaraghat Police Station. Abhijit Patidar was identified as the accused, while Shilpa Jharia (25), was identified as the victim. Shilpa was killed by Abhijit by cutting her throat.

According to The Quint’s report dated November 8, Shilpa Jharia, a dead girl was discovered in Tilwara’s Mekhla resort. Abhijeet Patidar, a man who had booked the room with the girl, later murdered her. He also recorded a video saying “Bewafainahi karne Ka” (Do not be unfaithful). Then he lifted the blanket over a woman who was lying on her back, her throat cut, and gasping for her last breath.

According to reports police officers interrogated resort staff and looked at CCTV cameras. Abhijeet met Shilpa on social media, and they fell in love. According to reports, he checked in at Mekhala Resort on November 6 with Shilpa. That evening, the girl left there. The next day, i.e. Monday, November 7, at 3:30 PM, Abhijeet reached the resort again with the girl. They stayed there for approximately two hours. At around 5:30, he left the room and returned to his hotel. The master key was used to open the room on Tuesday. After this, there was no movement in that room.

 abhijit patidar viral video link

According to Dainik Bhaskar’s report dated 15 Nov 2022, Abhijeet uploaded another purported video in which he claimed Jitendra Kumar was his partner. Later, he uploaded another video in which he said “Babu Heaven me milenge” (Dear, We will meet in heaven). Jabalpur police later arrested Jitendra, and took him into custody from Bihar. Police also arrested Sumit Patel as an accomplice to Jitendra. The police have so far found that Abhijeet Patel, an accomplice of Jitendra Kumar, stayed at Jitendra’s house for one month.

The viral claim was refuted by ASP Shivesh Baghel. Both the victim and the accused are Hindus, he said. This claim does not involve any communal aspect. He said that several police teams were formed to search for Abhijeet Patel in Bihar, Maharashtra and Gujarat.


Our investigation has shown that the claims of a Muslim man killing a Hindu girl at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh are completely false. Shilpa Jharia was the victim and Abhijeet patidar was the accused. This case involved no communal angle. Accordingly, viral claims are false.

Man Cuts Woman’s Throat. Posts Video with Body: “Don’t Be Unfaithful.”

Abhijit, the accused, wrote in a social media post: “Dear, we will meet again in heaven.”


Even though horrific details about the murder of a Delhi woman by her male live in partner are still flooding in, new information of another grisly crime has emerged. This time, it is from Madhya Pradesh. A man allegedly shot a video with the body of the victim and uploaded it to social media.

Although it has been over a week since the incident police are still looking for Abhijit patidar who claims to be the one who killed Shilpa Jharia (25), by slitting her throat. The bloodied body of the victim was found in a Jabalpur room at Mekhla Resort.

Abhijit posted a shocking video on social media and said, “Bewafai Nahi Ka” (don’t be unfaithful). Then he lifts a blanket and reveals a woman lying on her back, with her throat cut.

Another viral video shows Abhijit identifying himself as a trader in Patna and naming Jitendra Kumar his business partner. He also claims that the victim had affairs.

Abhijit claimed the victim had borrowed Rs 12 lakhs from Jitendra, and fled to Jabalpur. He claimed that Jitendra instructed him to murder the woman.

Abhijit writes in a third post: “Babu Heaven mein Phir Milenge” (dear we’ll again meet in heaven).

Abhijit also identified Sumit Patel as Jitendra’s aide. Police said that Sumit and Jitendra were both taken into custody from Jabalpur and Bihar.

Priyanka Shukla, Special Superintendent of Police, stated that Abhijit had stayed for a month at Jitendra’s house in Patna. She stated that Abhijit was also being sought by police teams from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Shivesh Baghel, Additional Superintendent of Police, shared details about the murder. He said that the accused had booked a Mekhla Resort room on November 6.

“CCTV footage showed that he was alone in the room that night. The woman arrived at the resort the next day in the afternoon to meet him. They had already ordered food. “After locking the room, the accused fled the hotel after about an hour,” Mr Baghel stated.

According to a police official, on November 8, the hotel management opened the door and discovered the body of the woman.

The officer said that four special teams and the cyber cell of the police are looking for the accused.

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