Ayodhya Couple Viral Video

Ayodhya Couple Viral Video

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The Saryu coast in Ayodhya is always crowded with tourists. After the rejuvenation of Ram Ki Paidi, the crowd has increased. Most of the devotees and tourists who come to Ayodhya come to bathe in the river Saryu. But a video from here was going viral on social media. In which a couple is seen bathing in Saryu. Meanwhile, the husband kissed his wife. After this, some people present there beat and insulted the couple. Now a case has been registered in this case.

Ayodhya Couple Viral Video, Saryu River Couple Viral Video.

The young couple was bathing in the river Saryu in Ayodhya

The thugs pulled the man and woman out of the water.

Ayodhya Couple Viral Video

Saryu River Viral Video

People alleged that the couple was bathing together and spreading obscenity

People said- such indecency should not be done in public places
As can be seen in the video, a newlywed couple is doing it on Ram’s feet Meanwhile, the husband and wife kissed, after which a group of youths bathing in Ram’s foot comes to the husband and starts beating him by accusing him of obscenity. The wife tries to save her husband but is frightened by the growing crowd of young men. People objected and said that such indecency should not be done in public places.

Ayodhya Couple Viral Video

What the police have to say on the matter
Police said they have not received any complaint regarding the incident. However, police are investigating the matter and are trying to trace the couple and the alleged thugs who attacked them. Saryu River Viral Video Download Ayodhya Couple Viral Video.

Seeing this, the woman’s husband had climbed into the arms of the crowd. In a viral video on social media, one of the crowd is heard saying, “Such obscenity will not be tolerated in Ayodhya.” The video shows that at first only two or three people slap the person, but then the whole crowd falls on the person.