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Boris Johnson Resigning Latest News

Boris Johnson Resigna Latest News, Who Replace Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson PartyGate, why is Boris Johnson Resigning After the successive resignations, speculation about the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has intensified. More than 40 ministers of Johnson’s party have resigned, including his close aide Rishi Sunak. On Tuesday, after three cabinet ministers Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javed, when Education Minister Michelle Donlane resigned, the crisis deepened. In whose hands the command of the country will now come, everyone’s eyes are on it.

Live-Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister of Britain. He made the announcement in his address to the country. Johnson said that his Conservative Party would elect a new leader and prime minister. Johnson said, “I am very proud of my achievements. He will remain in office until a new leader is elected.” He also said that he is sad to leave the best position in the world. He will support the new leader as much as possible.

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why is Boris Johnson Resigna

Boris Johnson Resigna: At present, 3 names are in the race and the name of Rishi Sunak is at the forefront. Apart from this, the names of former Secretary of State Liz Truss and popular politician Jeremy Hunt are also in the race. After Johnson, who will become the Prime Minister of the country and how will be chosen, read this report to know.

Boris Johnson Controversy: The candidates should have got nomination on behalf of two party members. There will be multiple rounds of voting and each MP will be asked to vote according to his/her choice. After each round, the candidate who has less votes will be eliminated.  Boris Johnson Resigna This process will continue until there are two candidates left. After this the party will be asked to choose the leader. The time taken for this whole process depends on the number of party members. In the year 2016, Theresa May became PM in a similar way. At that time David Cameron had resigned and less than three weeks later, Theresa May was declared the country’s PM.

Boris Johnson Controversies

Boris Johnson Resigna In fact, in February 2022, Boris Johnson made MP Chris Pincher the Deputy Chief Whip. In the year 2019, Pincher was accused of sexual harassment in a state of intoxication, after which the opposition was attacking the Boris government on Pincher’s appointment. Despite being aware of this, British PM Boris Johnson had given him a promotion, after which questions were raised about his leadership. The government seemed to be in disarray. Among the attackers of the opposition, MPs of Johnson’s own party were also questioning the whole matter.

Who Replace Boris Johnson

After Boris Johnson Resigna At present, 3 names are in the race and the name of Rishi Sunak is at the forefront. Apart from this, the names of former Secretary of State Liz Truss and popular politician Jeremy Hunt are also in the race. After Johnson, who will become the Prime Minister of the country and how will be chosen, read this report to know.

Johnson was under pressure from ministers’ resignation

Boris Johnson PartyGate: Earlier on Wednesday, one of Boris Johnson’s top aides claimed he was “extremely excited” and would “face the odds” to stay on as Britain’s prime minister. At the same time, many close to the Prime Minister in the cabinet including Home Minister Priti Patel are now demanding his resignation.

Partygate Scandal | Boris Johnson PartyGate

PartyGate Scandal: This statement of his top aide came shortly after news of Johnson’s sacking of one of his senior ministers surfaced. It is believed that senior ministers were not in favor of Johnson staying in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson PartyGate: Senior cabinet minister Michael Gove reportedly asked Johnson to step down as prime minister. It is being said that Johnson then called Michael Gove to ‘Downing Street’ and informed him about the sacking of the minister.

The ministers present in the UK government suddenly started leaving the support of PM Boris Johnson. There was a flurry of resignations, after which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned from his post.Boris Johnson PartyGate He did this because he was embroiled in all-round controversies. The voices of rebellion were rising within the party for a long time, which later took the form of about 50 resignations simultaneously. Boris Johnson was forced to take the decision to resign. Let us understand why Boris Johnson had to leave his chair.

Who is Next PM Of UK

After the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the biggest question is arising that who will become the next Prime Minister of Britain? According to the British media, running at the forefront of this list. Rishi Sunak If Indian-origin Rishi Sunak becomes the next Prime Minister of Britain, then it will be a matter of great pride for India. Let me tell you why Rishi Sunak is a strong contender to become the next British Prime Minister, before that, know some information about Rishi Sunak.Boris Johnson PartyGate

According to the British media, only Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is leading the race to become the next Prime Minister. This video is becoming very viral in the British media. The woman you see in this video. She is Akshata Murthy, wife of Rishi Sunak. Yesterday when reporters gathered outside his London house, Akshata Murthy brought tea for him. Later, the reporters also tweeted these pictures and also wrote that Rishi Sunak’s wife had made very good tea and gave him biscuits along with tea.

Why can Rishi become the next British PM?

Rishi Sunak has a clear image and was considered an able administrator during the Corona period. During the Corona period, Rishi Sunak successfully brought the country out of recession. He is also praised because he was successful in making all the sections happy. Apart from this, Rishi Sunak is the only important face in the press briefing of the government. On several occasions, Rishi took part in TV debates instead of Boris. That is why it is expected that Rishi Sunak of Indian origin may be the next Prime Minister of Britain. By the way, the wife of Rishi Sanuk was also accused of tax evasion, due to which she was criticized.

Boris Johnson PartyGate

World Leader In Boris Johnson Resigna

Responding to the resignation of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden on Thursday emphasized the “special relationship” between the US and Britain. Biden said the relationship “remains strong and enduring.” In his statement, Biden did not explicitly mention Johnson’s name or his resignation, but underlined that the US would continue to work with the UK government on important issues, including the war in Ukraine.

“The United Kingdom and the United States are the closest friends and allies, and the special relationship between our peoples remains strong and enduring,” Biden said in his statement.