is China going to Invade Taiwan China Taiwan News 2022

is China going to Invade Taiwan china taiwan news, Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit: After completing the visit to Taiwan (Taiwan), the Speaker of the American (America) Parliament Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi) has left for South Korea (South Korea).  Let us know that Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday.  When Pelosi arrived, China was furious and imposed many sanctions on Taiwan.  Not only this, the Chinese army showed its strength by flying 21 military aircraft over the south-western part of Taiwan.

is China going to Invade Taiwan

China (China) has been badly angered due to the visit of American senior diplomat Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi) to Taiwan.  Tensions between Taiwan and China have increased since Pelosi’s visit.  In opposition to the visit of the American diplomat, China has unloaded military equipment in the name of PLA War Drill in Taiwan.  In such a situation, if a war starts between Taiwan and China, it is important to know what effect it will have on the world.  In the event of a war between Taiwan and China, many things ranging from mobiles to laptops and cars will be directly affected.

china taiwan news

China Taiwan News

If China attacks Taiwan, the whole world may face a chip crisis.  In fact, the whole world relies on Taiwan for chips.  According to a Reuters report, Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing company alone produces 92 percent of the world’s advanced semiconductors.  Similarly, according to another report, Taiwanese companies have 54 percent of the total revenue from semiconductors in the world.  It is obvious that in the war situation, the production of mobile phones, laptops, automobiles, health care and weapons etc. products in the world will be in crisis and a new crisis will arise in front of the world which is already struggling with food crisis and inflation.

china attacks taiwan 2022

The Taiwanese ministry said it warmly welcomes the US Congressional delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is the US House Speaker’s first visit in 25 years. This shows high-level support for Taiwan-US relations and its broad scope. This will further strengthen our bilateral cooperation. According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the inclusion of Taiwan in the program of Speaker Pelosi’s first Asian tour fully demonstrates that high regard. The visit by Speaker Pelosi and other key members of Congress will enhance the close and cordial relationship between Taiwan and the United States and deepen global cooperation between the two countries in a wide range of areas.

What has China done so far?

US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi reached Taiwan’s capital Taipei on Tuesday despite China’s opposition. It was the first time in 25 years that an American speaker visited Taiwan. Earlier in 1997, the then Speaker Newt Gingrich had arrived here. Shocked by Pelosi’s visit, China made all kinds of announcements. Every attempt to scare Taiwan and America.

why is china invading taiwan

The decades-long tension between China and Taiwan (China Taiwan Crisis 2022) has peaked in the last few days. The recent visit of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has raised the crisis once again. China has been warning continuously since the news of this visit came to light (C) and now the fear has deepened that the war in the Gulf of Taiwan (Taiwan Straight) may not start. In the midst of all these developments, another concern is troubling the world. Already from the Auto Industry to the Smartphone Industry, they are troubled by Chip Shortage. This crisis may become more serious if the situation in Taiwan worsens because this small country is LIVE in terms of semiconductors.

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This is the beginning of the semiconductor revolution Taiwan’s rise in semiconductors began in the year 1985. The Taiwanese government entrusted Morris Chang with the task of preparing the blueprint for developing the emerging semiconductor industry in his country. After this, in 1987, the Taiwanese government, Morris Chang, Chang Chun Moi and Tsend Fan Cheng together established the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (Taiwan 100% Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). Today it is the largest semiconductor company in the world. In the case of semiconductors, this company’s dominance can be gauged from the fact that TSMC was once meeting 92 percent of the global market demand. second place.

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