Curfew in Udaipur: Udaipur Me Net Kab Chalu Hoga

Curfew in Udaipur

Curfew in Udaipur, Udaipur Me Net Kab Chalu Hoga,Rajasthan Tailor Killed, Hindu Tailor Killed, Hindu Tailor Killed in Udaipur.

Curfew in Udaipur

Curfew in Udaipur: The accused were caught within 4 to 5 hours after the brutal murder of a tailor on Tuesday in Udaipur, Rajasthan. At the same time, the family of the victim of this murder will get a compensation of 50 lakhs. The state government announced this. Along with this, the Rajasthan government will give government jobs to two persons to the victim’s family. After this massacre, Section 144 has been imposed in Rajasthan for a month and the police have been asked to be alert.

Curfew in Udaipur

Curfew In Udaipur | Hindu Tailor Killed Video

sad family
There is a lot of tension in Udaipur city after the Kanhaiya Lal murder case. Here Kanhaiya Lal’s family is immersed in sorrow. Talking about Kanhaiya Lal’s family, he has two sons Yash and Tarun. Yash sits at a friend’s shop and Tarun is doing pharmacy. Whereas wife Yashoda is a housewife. After the murder of the head of the house, everyone’s condition is bad and in sorrow.

Udaipur Tailor Killed Thousands attended the funeral

Here thousands of people attended the last journey of Kanhaiya Lal. The last journey left from his house in Sector 14, which reached the Ashok Nagar crematorium in the city. After merging in his Panchtatva, people went towards their homes. After this the situation has remained normal till now.

Udaipur Me Net Kab Chalu Hoga

Udaipur Tailor Killed: Kanhaiya Lal Video

According to sources – there were many injuries on the body. They were on the neck, head, arms, back and chest. Kanhaiya Lal was working in his shop when he was attacked by Riyaz Akhtari and Ghaus Mohammad. Riyaz Akhtari, who stabbed him with a knife, and Ghaus Mohammad, who made the video of the incident, have been arrested while the police have detained three others allegedly involved in the attack. Both were arrested in Bhim town last evening when they were trying to escape.

Rajasthan Tailor Killed Video

Kanhaiya Lal Video

Why Curfew in Udaipur

After the murder of Taylor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, there has been a tense atmosphere in the whole country including Rajasthan. Now Rajkumar Sharma, an eyewitness of this murder case, has told the eyes of the incident. Rajkumar claimed “two men came on the pretext of sewing clothes and then suddenly they attacked Kanhaiya Lal.” The prince said “I got up and pushed one of them to come out, meanwhile they attacked me, I ran outside and asked for help.”

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, a man was killed by slitting his throat for supporting Nupur Sharma. The man used to run a sewing shop. It is being told that a few days ago the deceased Kanhaiyalal shared a post on social media. Significantly, this is not the first case of violence over the controversial remarks made by former BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammed. Even before this, violence took place in many states in protest against his remarks. In this report we will tell you what happened so far in Nupur Sharma case.

What did Nupur say Curfew in Udaipur

Nupur Sharma had tweeted after being suspended from the party and said, “I was going on TV debates for the last several days, where my adorable Shiva was being insulted every day. It was being said in front of me that it is not Shivling. There is a fountain. Many Shivlings are found on every footpath of Delhi, go and worship it. I could not bear the insult of our Mahadev Shiva in front of me in this way again and again and I said some things in anger. If my words have hurt someone’s religious sentiments, then I take back my words. I never intended to hurt anyone.”


Nupur Sharma Comments On Muhammad English Translation

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Know what was the whole matter Curfew in Udaipur

As you know, these days there is a discussion all over the country regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case of Varanasi. In such a situation, on Friday 27 May 2022, Nupur Sharma reached the debate of a national television news channel. During the debate, he alleged that some people are constantly making fun of Hindu faith. If this is the case then she can also make fun of other religions. Nupur Sharma further mentioned Islamic beliefs, which was shared by Mohammad Zubair from his Twitter account by alleged fact-checking and accused Nupur of making controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad.