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50 Fall Wallpapers for iPhone that will instantly make you feel cozily

Many consider fall the best season of the year. The changing leaves, the pumpkins, and the flannels are all reasons to love fall. . . Could you imagine a better season than this? There are many ways to bring fall to your home screen. As any iPhone user will tell you, the best background is essential. . . Then, get a great phone case.

We have 50 fall-themed iPhone wallpapers you can use to make your phone feel cozy every time you open it. This will make it easy to open the fall-foliage tracking app and order a hot spiced latte from your phone. These fall wallpapers can not only be visually pleasing but they can also help you to feel more prepared for the weather.

There are many fall backgrounds, from pumpkin-patch wallpapers and fall-foliage to beautiful landscapes and gourds. You can read the entire list below, but you will most likely want to put all of them on your home screen for this season.

Additional reporting by Clara Amelia and Haley Lyndes


These wallpapers add a touch of Apple Watch braided band to your iPhone

Our friend Basic Apple Guy has created a new set of wallpapers that will bring a touch of Apple Watch to your iPhone. These wallpapers were inspired by the Braided Solo Loop Apple Watch with matching colors and the popular woven pattern finish.

These wallpapers are currently available in five colors: Beige, Midnight Rainforest Rainforest, Slate Blue and Red. The Basic Apple Guy said that he may expand the range to include more colors in future.

The Braided Solo Loop, one of the newest Apple Bands types, was released in fall 2020 along with the Leather Link & Solo Loop. The Braided Solo Loop, made of thousands of polyester threads that have been braided together, is the first Apple band to not be adjustable. The wearer can choose the size that suits them best from the 18 (now 21!) sizes.

Today, I’m happy to share a collection wallpapers for iPhone that incorporate the Braided Solo Loops woven pattern and features the five new colours Apple introduced during their Far Ahead Keynote. These five colors are Red, Midnight (Rainforest), Slate Blue (Slate Blue), and Beige. Let me know if you like them. I will consider adding older colors in the future.

These wallpapers look great if you have a Braided Solo Loop to match your Apple Watch. These wallpapers can be downloaded from Basic Apple Guy’s site right here. You can also tip him a few dollars if you like his work.

This wallpaper set adds precise borders to your iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been released about a month ago with the Dynamic Island cutout. Users have been enjoying the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max while setting the perfect Lock Screen using customizable widgets. What about a darker setting with a wallpaper that adds precise borders to these phones.

Hideaki Nakatani created this wallpaper set. Nakatani created these wallpaper sets back in the day that made the iPhone folders and dock disappear.

He created this wallpaper set for iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max, to “highlight and make the 14 Pro series’ stainless steel frame stand out and make it the most beautiful.”

The wallpaper set is available in 12 different variations for the iPhone 14 Pro. You can choose from white, gold or gray as well as red, yellow and green, emerald blue, purple, pink and rainbow borders.

They can be used on the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus series but will not interfere with the exact borders of the upper portion of the phone.

We believe that wallpaper is simpler than solid colors and emphasizes the 14 Pro series’ stainless steel frame. This could be due to the narrower bezel. Is it possible that the bezel has become more round? Dynamic Island doesn’t have a border. When active, the size of Dynamic Island changes. I don’t want to add any half-baked decorations on a great UI. This is especially true for this piece which forms the base of the fringing wallpaper.

To adjust the preferred iPhone 14 Pro wallpaper, users may have to pinch.

The iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers can be found here. While the iPhone 14 Pro Max wallpapers can be found here.

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