Digital Marketing by Google: Free Digital Marketing Course In Hindi


Free Digital Marketing Course In Hindi

What is digital marketing. 

 Free Digital Marketing  By Google Digital, Marketing is a new way of advertise your business in online platform.  Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Affiliate marketing website and Blog. In era of 21st century more of business go online ,because people availability are  most of online platform they use social media ,video streaming site and app .

How works digital marketing.

basically The Digital Marketing is a combination of various types of marketing of product ,services. firstly  Business leaders are use for advertise our product and services. under of digital marketing the various platforms  are advertise your these product and services.

 Digital Marketing By Google.

Google provide a free Digital Marketing Course By Google

most of in a,  Digital Marketing Course Google teach how  to successful in digital marketing google teach how to improve your performance in digital market and grow your business fast to use social media platform e-commerce platform like Facebook, telegram, flip kart  amazon you tube and other best places to advertise your brand your services and business .

Free Digital Marketing Course In Hindi
Digital Marketing Course By Google.

basically, In a course Google teach these basic and advance tools who compulsory for digital marketing.

 1. Google Ads.

2. Google Analytics.

3. Google Marketing Platform .

4. YouTube.

5. Waze Academy.

6. Google for Education.

7. Google Ads Manager.

8. Authorized Buyers.

9. Google Ads Mob.

10. Google Digital marketing.

Free Digital Marketing Course In Hindi

Digital marketing by google is one of the most powerful tools for marketers to promote their businesses, capture new leads and eventually turn those leads into sales. But all of this is possible only if you know how to use digital marketing efficiently for productive results. Many marketers don’t get the desired result despite their best efforts. That’s because they don’t know what not to do when using digital media in their.

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