Dil Raju Second Wife: Tejaswini Dil Raju Wife

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Dil Raju Second Wife: According to the latest media reports from Republic World, the film producer and his wife Vyagha Reddy have given birth to a baby boy. As per reports, Vyagha gave birth to the baby on June 29 at a private hospital. Dil Raju is known for many successful films and has won many critical accolades for his work.

Dil Raju Second Wife

Dil Raju Second Wife Pregnant

Talking about work, many of his films are in the coming this year. Some of the most awaited are Rowdy Boys and F3: Fun and Frustration. He will also produce Kiara Advani and Ram Charan’s next untitled film.
Dil Raju Second Wife Pregnant: Dil Raju announced his marriage through social media. He wrote in one of his posts, “The world has come to a standstill, things are not very good for most of us on the professional front. I haven’t been going through a very good time personally for some time now. Hope things will be alright very soon. All will be well. With this hope, it is time to turn to a new leaf and start my personal life happily.”

Dil Raju Wife age

Dil Raju Wife age| Tejaswini is 18 years younger than Dil Raju in age

If reports are to be believed, Dil Raju’s second wife Tejaswini has been an airhostess. However, there is no concrete information available about this. In media reports, a difference of about 18 years is said between the ages of Dil Raju and Tejaswini. At the time of marriage, it was said in many reports that Tejaswini is 31 years old and if we look at this, then she is 33 years old now. Dil Raju revealed after marriage that Tejaswini changed her name to Vigha Reddy.


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