does jill biden have covid

does jill biden have covid  America’s First Lady Jill Biden has been infected with Corona. It was said on behalf of the White House that First Lady Jill Biden has been found infected with Kovid-19. Although she is experiencing mild symptoms of corona. A few days after the recovery of US President Joe Biden, his wife and America’s First Lady Jill Biden has been infected with Corona.

jill biden covid

She was vacationing with President Joe Biden in South Carolina when she experienced symptoms of coronavirus on Monday. After which she was tested in which she was found positive. Jill Biden’s office was told that she would return to the White House after coming negative twice in the Corona test. His spokesman said that after coming negative in the corona test on Monday during his routine test, he started developing cold-like symptoms in the late evening of the same day.

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The spokesperson said that his report again came negative in the rapid antigen test, but then the corona was confirmed in the PCR test. He has been advised to take antiviral drug Paxlovid. The First Lady will be quarantined in the vacation home for at least five days. First Lady Jill Biden has been given both doses of the vaccine along with two boosters.

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The White House said that President Joe Biden has been found negative in the corona test on Tuesday, but he will have to wear a mask indoors for 10 days in accordance with the Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The White House said it would also increase the president’s tests and report those results. Recently, President Joe Biden recovered from the disease on 7 August after being infected with Corona.


Jill told Olenna, ‘I wanted to come here on Mother’s Day. I felt that the people of Ukraine should show that the people of America stand with the people of Ukraine. The two met at a school located in a village in Slovakia, bordering Ukraine. Both sat in a small class and talked to each other.

 Jill Biden’s Ukraine tour in the limelight

Olenna thanked Jill for this “courageous move” and said, “We can understand the importance of America’s First Lady coming here during the war.” She has come here at a time when there are daily military attacks.

Olenna’s first public appearance since February 24

A visiting US official also said it was Olena Zelenska’s first public appearance since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Justin Trudeau also reached Ukraine

Not only America’s First Lady but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also reached Ukraine on Sunday. He made an unannounced visit to the Ukrainian city of Irpin. The mayor of the city has given information about Trudeau’s visit on Telegram. Alexander Markushin said on his Telegram channel that I had the honor of meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had come to see Irpin’s condition with his own eyes.

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