Hunter Biden And Malia Obama Leaked Video Live

hunter biden and malia obama, Hunter Biden Leaked Video, Hunter Biden iCloud Leak, U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden remains in the news because of his scandal.

hunter biden and malia obama Leaked Video

Hunter Biden Leaked Video While now their scandals are surrounding them even more. Now news is coming that Central Investigation Agencies may prosecute Hunter for prostitution. This is because some documents have come to light which show that Hunter Biden spent 30 thousand dollars on escorts in five months i.e. about 24 lakh rupees.

Hunter Biden Video Matter

According to the information, Morova runs a website for ‘Girlfriend Experience’, in which girls aged 20 and under are available for sex. Texts have been found on Biden’s iPhone, indicating that he cut a check for Moreva with his own hands. This check was reported by Hunter for a medical service. The matter was exacerbated when Moreva received some payments after Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, sent money to his son a few hours earlier.

hunter biden and malia obama

This is how the truth of Hunter came to light

Hunter Biden And Malia Obama Leaked Video According to the Daily Mail, the case came to light when Hunter cut off a check for a Ukrainian woman. Banks had red-flagged the transaction as suspicious activity. JPMorgan Chase filed a suspicious activity report, alleging that Florida and New York-based Ekaterina Morova received thousands of dollars from Hunter’s company, after which she was questioned. He also allegedly received money from women whom Hunter had called for …..

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Significantly, some revelations have also come from Hunter Biden’s mobile phone. In fact, some texts have been found on his phone, indicating that he cut the check for Morova himself. It was then reported that the check was deducted for medical service.  hunter biden and malia obama But nothing like medical service has been confirmed. Another thing to note here is that the money sent to Morova was sent by Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, a few hours ago. It is suspected that Hunter used to take money from his father for these works?

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Secrets revealed from the history of laptop
The search history of the laptop revealed that he used to visit sex cam sites regularly. Hunter Biden has been a drug and alcohol addict for many years. Hunter, 52, has five children. Their affairs have been coming to the fore. Hunter also had relations with his widow after his brother’s death in 2015. In the 2020 elections, Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani lost the laptop he had given to Hunter for repairs.