Indiana Abortion Laws 2022

Indiana Abortion Laws 2022

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Indiana Abortion Laws 2022
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In America, there has been a debate about abortion. The US Supreme Court has overturned a nearly 50-year-old historic decision that legally approved abortion, after which protests are being raised here. After the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v Wade decision, the legal status of the right to abortion for women in America will end. The US Supreme Court has made it clear in the decision that the country’s constitution does not give the right of abortion.

SC Abortion Law

Human rights-conscious people, activists and leaders are on the street after the constitutional right to abortion was taken away in America. It is being told that this decision of the court will change the lives of Americans, will give a new direction to the politics of the country and will completely ban abortion in almost half of America’s states. With the reversal of the Roe v Wade decision, US states will again be allowed to completely ban abortion. Human rights activists believe it will forever change the national understanding of American women’s independence, self-determination, and individual liberty.Indiana Abortion Laws 2022.

The US Supreme Court abolished the legal status of the right to abortion, after which the matter has now gained momentum. After this decision of the court, hundreds of people including women protested on the streets. At the same time, now women have threatened a nationwide sex strike. The women said that they would not have sex with a man unless she herself wanted to get pregnant.Indiana Abortion Laws 2022.

Indiana Abortion Laws

American women are sharing their pictures on social media with banners and posters in hand. During this, she also said that she cannot take the risk of unwanted pregnancy, due to which she will not have sex with her husband or any man anymore. It is being told that out of 50 states of America, 26 states have started preparations to legally ban abortion.Indiana Abortion Laws 2022.

Indiana Abortion Laws 2022

#sexstrike trend on social media, A¬†woman protesting on the streets in New York said that we have fear about the Supreme Court. He said that I am looking for such people who can follow the mass sex strike. The woman further said that after the court’s decision, we have no other option but to raise the slogan. Let me tell you, this demand against the court has increased so much that #sexstrike has started trending on social media. Another person said that till this right of women is not recognized legally, sex strikes will continue.

Protest in all the states of the country

Let us tell you, after the decision of the Supreme Court, violence was seen erupting in Portland in the US state of Oregon. People protesting against the decision vandalized many buildings. After the decision of the court, there were demonstrations across the country for two consecutive days. It is being told that women from all the states took to the streets and expressed their opposition to the decisions.Indiana Abortion Laws 2022.

Constitutional protection for abortion ends

The Supreme Court’s decision is going to make a success of decades of anti-abortion anti-abortion efforts. The decision comes more than a month after a draft opinion of Justice Samuel Alito was surprisingly leaked.

A month ago, the judge’s draft opinion regarding this decision was leaked that the court could end the constitutional protection given to abortion. After the leak of the draft opinion, people in America took to the streets.

Contrary to the verdict of most Americans

The court’s decision is contrary to the opinion of most Americans that the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision should be upheld, which held that women had the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. This gave women in America the right to a safe abortion.

Samuel Alito wrote in the decision on Friday that the 1992 decision reaffirming the right to abortion was wrong and should be reversed.