johnson county indiana shooting

johnson county indiana shooting

johnson county indiana shooting, greenwood, indiana, Incidents of firing in America are coming to the fore on a daily basis. There has been an incident of firing in Indiana on Monday morning, in which at least 4 people are being told the deaths. According to the information received there, 2 people are also said to be injured in the incident. The incident is of Greenwood Park Mall where a gunman armed with a rifle entered the food court and started firing.

attacker killed in shooting

According to Jim Ison, Chief of the Greenwood Police Department, four people have died in the shooting at the Indiana Mall. On Sunday evening, the emergency call center was informed that shootings were taking place at the Indiana Mall. After the shooting started, the attacker was killed by a civilian armed with a weapon and then the firing stopped.

Mayor expressed grief over the incident

Condoling the Indiana Mall incident, the mayor of Greenwood said, “There was a mass shooting at the mall. The Greenwood Police has brought the situation under control. I am in direct contact with the command post and there is no threat now. I appeal to the public to stay away from this area for now.