is justin bieber better now

is justin bieber better now, Justin, who is constantly doing concerts, is now giving his body a rest for some time.

is justin bieber better now

Justin Bieber Sickness

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Singer Justil Bieber has shared his video on Instagram. He has told what disease he is currently suffering from. The right side of his face has become paralyzed. Because of this, he has postponed his next week’s sleep shows for the time being. Jasitan has told in the video that even his eyes are not able to blink. Justin says he has faith in God and is hopeful that everything will be alright in time. In the meantime, he will rest and is doing facial exercises.

Was Justin Bieber Vaccinated

The reason for this is that he is suffering from a rare disease. Justin Bieber shared a video on social media and told that he has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Due to this, there has been Paralysis on half of his face (Justin Bieber Partial Face Paralysis).

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Justin Bieber Sickness

Did Justin Bieber Get The Covid Vaccine, Justin Bieber Ramsay Hunt Health Crisis,  By sharing a video of himself on Instagram, Justin Bieber has told the fans why he is canceling his concert show. In the video, Justin says, ‘I have got this disease due to a virus, which is attacking my work and my facial nerves. Because of this, I have completely paralysis on one side of my face. You can see that one of my eyes is not blinking. I can’t even smile from this side and my nose on this side is not moving.

Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Tour 2022

when did justin bieber get vaccinated

is justin bieber vaccinated Updates

Some of Justin Bieber’s fans were very angry with the cancellation of his upcoming show. Giving him a message, Justin has said that he cannot physically perform on stage at this time. Doctors have asked him to take rest. He said about this in the video, ‘This thing is very serious, as you can see. I wish it didn’t happen but my body has told me that I should calm down a bit. I hope you guys will understand and I am going to take this time to rest and relax so that I can recover 100 percent and come back and do what I was born to do.

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is justin bieber vaccinated|Justin Bieber Sickness

I hope you understand – Justin
Justin Bieber revealed that he is suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, due to which his face is paralyzed. Talking about his condition in the video, the singer said, “As you can see, I can’t blink my eyes. I can’t even laugh on this side of my face. The reason for my show’s cancellation. Many people are disappointed with this, I want to tell them that I am not physically able at this time. I hope you guys will understand.” Was Justin Bieber Vaccinated.