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Kirti Patel Viral Video Tiktok Girl’ Kirti Patel is once again in controversy. Sandhya Patel (name changed), a resident of Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, has filed a complaint against Kirti Patel and her friend Bharat Bharwad. The girl alleged in the complaint that the pictures containing my obscene messages went viral.

Kirti Patel Viral Video

Sandhya Patel said, “She had gone to Surat for a relative’s wedding. Kirti Patel was a friend of a relative. This is how the two came into contact. After that Kirti went to jail for two months, from where on her return she approached me and spoke to me emotionally.

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I thought this girl was right. I didn’t use social media at that time, so I didn’t know much. He was harassing people and hitting me, he told me. That’s why we used to talk often. We have been in touch for the past few years. There was no friendship between us. Later I was going to Dubai. Wherever Kirti approached me, I want to come to Dubai, I don’t have money, I will come, he said.

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