kn442 Kerala Lottery Result today

The Kerala State Lottery Department will reveal its live outcomes of Karunya Plus KN 442 today on the 20th of October. Results of live KN 442 lottery draw are expected to be announced at 3 p.m. on its website, in addition to the announcement number of winners in the Kerala Government Gazette. The draw for the KN 442 will take place in the Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction in Thiruvananthapuram. The full breakdown of draw results as well as the prize claiming process can be found on the Kerala State Lottery department’s official website beginning at 4 pm and onwards.

These are steps you can follow to verify your Karunya Plus results for KN 442:

Step 1: Go to the official Kerala Lottery web portal at

Step 2: Visit the link to view Karunya Plus KN442 result.

Third step: A PDF from winners of the KN 442 winnings will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Go through the list to find the ticket number KN-442.

A lucky Karunya Plus KN 442 first-prize winner will be awarded Rs 80 lakh. The second place winner is entitled to the sum of Rs10 lakh. The third prize winner will receive the total amount of 1 lakh. But, it is to be not forgotten that the taxes on lottery winnings of 30% is deducted from the prize while the person who is the winner will receive 10 percent of the commission.

What are the steps required to get your Karunya Plus KN 442 prize amount?

The winners need to show their ticket for KN-442 together with a valid identification card, such as one such as an Aadhaar card or voter’s card in the Kerala lottery office run by the government for the purpose of collecting the prize. To collect prize money KN 442 prize winners must submit the winning tickets within 30 days of when the results are announced. Karunya Plus KN 442 results. The winners should be aware that winning tickets should not suffer damage. The prize money can’t be taken in the event that it’s discovered that the lottery tickets have been damaged.

If they do not complete the verification process The KN 442 winners aren’t eligible to take home money as a prize. To be eligible to receive the prize winners of the KN 442 draw who win more than Rs.5000 must undergo a verification procedure in the Kerala lottery office. If they win the prize with less than Rs. 5000 may take their prize money at every Kerala lottery shop within the state.

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Kerala Onam lottery winner regrets winning the top prize of Rs 25 crore This is the reason


Thiruvananthapuram 25 September

A few days after savoring the spotlight following the huge sum of Rs 25 crore Onam jackpot lottery held on the state of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram resident Anoop is adamant that the luck has caused him immense misery.

Anoop Autorickshaw driver Anoop who planned to travel to Malaysia to become a chef, got the money from the 25-crore Onam jackpot on 18 September.

In a Facebook post in the past, Anoop said he had to relocate from his home since people from distant locations were visiting him in search of financial assistance.

He claimed that there were people who backed him, even though he claimed the prize money was still not yet received. the money prized.

He also stated his name was watched by people who were seeking assistance.

“I need to change houses. I was at the house of my family member however, somehow, someone discovered the location and went to stay there. Today, I went to my home as my child was suffering from illness. I am unable to transport my child to the hospital because people are there and asking for assistance. I’m not even able to get an amount of money.” an angry Anoop was heard in the video.

He stated that he was extremely content when he got to learn about the prize however, the situation has changed and he is unable to even visit his home.

The man said that even his neighbors are irritated now because people who were from all over seeking help or money were swarming around the nearby homes or in areas.

“I am unable to even see my child. At the moment I am feeling like I shouldn’t have been able to win this prize in the first place. A third or a second prize could have been more than enough,” he said.

Anoop who hails from Sreevaraham close to here, purchased his winning ticket TJ 750605 – – on September 17.

Anoop has been purchasing lottery tickets for the past 22 years, and has won prizes of a few hundred up to an amount of 5 lakh previously, Anoop had said.

After deducting taxes, Anoop would probably take home around 15 crore.

When asked how plans he will do with the cash, he stated that his top priority is to build a home for his family and pay off the debts that have accrued.

In addition, Anoop had said that he would assist his relatives, perform charitable work, and even start an industry in the hospitality sector in Kerala.


Kerala auto driver has won the lottery of Rs 25 crore, to receive the sum of 15.75 crore , after deducting tax

A driver of an auto-rickshaw from Kerala is now an overnight “crorepati” following having won the Onam bumper jackpot in the lucky draw of Rs 25 crore.

August 20, 2022 01:34 PM ISL

Anoop Auto driver Anoop from Kerala has won the sum of Rs 25 crore through an online lottery. (Image: ANI/Twitter)

A driver for auto-rickshaws from Kerala has turned into an overnight “crorepati” being the winner of on the Onam bumper-lucky draw. Anoop who was the winner won the jackpot of Rs 25 crore on Sunday, just one day after his application for a loan amounting to Rs 3 lakh was accepted.

“The bank contacted me today regarding the loan and I replied that I’m not using it anymore,” the overjoyed auto-rickshaw driver was quoted by the news agency PTI.

In addition to the 25 crore that he won, Anoop will received around the sum of 15.75 million in his bank account, after deductions for tax, according to ANI. He is planning to invest the cash into settling old debts and creating a new home with his children. He is also planning to set an amount aside to assist his family and friends and also for charitable causes.

The cash flow could not be more perfect timing for Anoop who was planning to travel to Malaysia to become an executive chef. Anoop has since put off that idea and is planning to put some of the money to open an own eatery.

“I won’t be traveling for a visit to Malaysia,” said Anoop who has purchased lottery tickets for 22 years.

The winning ticket was purchased TJ 750605 on a Saturday. He was be awestruck when he discovered he’d won the jackpot the next day.

“I did not expect to win so I did not watch the results of the lottery on TV. But when I went to my phone, it discovered that I had won. I was stunned and presented my wife the winning number. She confirmed this was indeed the number that won.” He declared.

“But my mind was anxious and called someone I know that sells lottery tickets, and I sent her a photograph of my winning ticket. She confirmed there was a winning ticket,” Anoop said.

Anoop also said that the prized ticket had not been the first selection. He was not happy with the ticket he had initially chosen but he decided to go with another one that was an award winning ticket, Anoop told the media.

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