Manipur Landslide: 50 Army Soldiers And Many Of Missing

Manipur Landslide: 50 Army Soldiers And Many Of Missing

Manipur Landslide,  Manipur Landslide Latest, 50 Army Soldiers And Many Of Missing,There has been a massive landslide at Tupul railway station in Noni district in Manipur late on Wednesday, June 29. At least 55 Indian Army personnel and several people are missing after the horrific landslide. Only two deaths have been confirmed. At the same time, if the officials are to be believed, then the death toll may increase even more.

Manipur Landslide

The incident happened around midnight on Wednesday when a Territorial Army camp was stationed there to protect the railway line from Jiribam to the capital Imphal.

Manipur Landslide Latest Update

Several Territorial Army personnel along with common people were hit by landslides in the northeastern state of Manipur due to incessant rains on Wednesday night. The incident happened near Tupul railway station. So far, bodies of seven people have been recovered while more than 45 people are buried under the rubble. According to the Railways, 19 lives have been saved so far. The Ijei River has been blocked due to massive debris fall, creating a reservoir that can submerge low-lying areas.

Noni Landslide Latest News

Noni’s deputy commissioner issued advisory
An advisory issued by Noni’s deputy commissioner said that due to the unfortunate landslide at Tupul Yard railway construction camp, more than 50 people have been buried under the rubble while bodies of two people have been recovered. The flow of the Ijei river has also been obstructed by debris, causing havoc in the low-lying areas of the Noni district headquarters if the storage conditions are disturbed.

There is a possibility of major damage due to a landslide at a location of the Territorial Army of the Indian Army, deployed to protect the Imphal-Jiribam railway line of Manipur. At least 25 soldiers are reported to have been buried in this landslide that took place in Manipur’s None district last night. Inclement weather and frequent landslides are hampering the rescue and relief operations.

Manipur Landslide  Latest News

Common people also feared to be buried
The injured have been brought to Noni Army Medical Unit for treatment. The flow of the Izai river has been affected due to the landslide. This river flows through Tamenglong and Noni districts. According to reports, some civilians are also feared trapped under the debris.

An official said that the rescue mission is facing problems due to bad weather. Army helicopters have also reached the spot.

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