About us

About us 

Hi my name is Krishna Kumar Tiwari.

About us  I am a share market investor trader, digital marketer ,I live in India and my home is in Madhya Pradesh.

I have a very close experience of 5 years in the share market, I am investing in the share market since 2017, which has also lost many times and many times profit. Profit I am mostly invested in, while I lost in intraday trading.

basically In this blog, you will be given information about the stock market in Hindi, which will be used more and benefit the citizens living in India.

With this, even a common citizen of India will now be able to invest in the stock market and will not consider the share market as a place of gambling.

digital marketing about us 

basically Some digital marketing part will also be taken in this blog, so that you will be able to get good knowledge of digital marketing and also to earn money sitting at home.

more over Keeping your experience in you, I will teach you very closely how to invest in the share market and how to avoid loss.

share market trading and investing about us 

firstly, For trading, it is necessary to follow the rule. From the angle and which strategy is adopted for investing. Long term investing and short term investment angle. In digital marketing, you will learn affiliate marketing, social media marketing. How in today’s time people will be earning money sitting at home.

money earning in online platform 

Basically How can you earn money sitting at home. Through different mediums and generate passive income and become the master of your own  life. Naval stay  blog  the special information. We Will  told keeping in mind the means of earning money coming in the future.

1.Do not think of yourself as weaker than anyone.

1.आप अपने आप को किसी से कमजोर न समझे|

2.Everything you want to do in this world is not impossible.

2.इस दुनिआ में वह सब कुछ मुमकिन  है जो आप करना चाहते हैं दिल से


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