King Charles is now the monarch of 14 countries After Queen Elizabeth’s death next in line for the throne

 who is next in line for the throne  next in line for the throne King Charles, the eldest son and former Prince of Wales, succeeded his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 96. As of right now, he is known as King Charles III.

King Charles is currently the monarch and head of state of the UK and 14 other nations, collectively referred to as Commonwealth realms, as a result of British colonialism, which saw the British Empire attack and conquer regions all over the world for centuries.

next in line for the throne

who is next in line for the throne

Since he is a head of state rather than the head of government, the king’s position as monarch of these nations is mostly symbolic and he won’t be actively involved in running the country.

During King Charles’ reign, the number of Commonwealth realms might decline. Barbados formally transitioned to a republic last year and ousted Queen Elizabeth as its head of state. Other present Caribbean Commonwealth realm officials have also expressed a desire to leave. A campaign for independence is currently underway in Scotland as well.

next in line for the throne

The Commonwealth kingdoms may represent evidence of the British Empire’s ongoing influence, but the contemporary relationship between the British monarchy and these countries also serves as a reminder that Queen Elizabeth ruled over a waning empire during her reign. During her reign, she served as the head of state for 32 nations, however 17 of those nations ended their relations with her at the same time.

Sri Lanka, Fiji, The Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, and Barbados are among the 16 nations that deposed Queen Elizabeth as head of state after she succeeded to the throne in 1952.

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