Nupur Sharma Arrested

Nupur Sharma Arrested

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The controversial remarks made by BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Prophet Muhammad, the matter does not seem to stop at the moment. i support nupur sharma Seeing the growing controversy regarding this matter, Nupur Sharma also apologized and the party expelled her.

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what did nupur sharma say about prophet

Nupur Sharma Arrested  What did Nupur say after being expelled from the party?

Nupur Sharma had tweeted after being suspended from the party and said, “I was going on TV debates for the last several days, where my adorable Shiva was being insulted every day. It was being said in front of me that it is not Shivling. There is a fountain. Many Shivlings are found on every footpath of Delhi, go and worship it. I could not bear the insult of our Mahadev Shiva in front of me in this way again and again and I said some things in anger. If my words have hurt someone’s religious sentiments, then I take back my words. I never intended to hurt anyone.”


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Know what was the whole matter Nupur Sharma Arrested

As you know, these days there is a discussion all over the country regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case of Varanasi. In such a situation, on Friday 27 May 2022, Nupur Sharma reached the debate of a national television news channel. During the debate, he alleged that some people are constantly making fun of Hindu faith. If this is the case then she can also make fun of other religions. Nupur Sharma further mentioned Islamic beliefs, which was shared by Mohammad Zubair from his Twitter account by alleged fact-checking and accused Nupur of making controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad.

Nupur Sharma Arrested

What Did Nupur Sharma say on tv

After heavy opposition from the Gulf countries, the BJP showed these two leaders the way out of the party. However, the fire that started due to these statements is not seen to be extinguished because now a country like Maldives has also jumped in this matter. Nupur Sharma what did she say



The remarks made by these former BJP leaders on Prophet I Support Nupur Sharma Muhammad have gone unnoticed by all the Muslim countries. From Saudi Arabia to the Taliban of Afghanistan, have tried to surround India on this matter. The protestors include not only Muslim countries but also an organization of such countries.  bjp Leader Nupur Sharma The name of this organization is Organization of Islamic Cooperation ie OIC.

“I Support Nupur Sharma” Who Say This Statement

Delhi Police has registered an FIR against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma in connection with objectionable remarks against Prophet Mohammad. nupur sharma comments on muhammad pravakta

Earlier, Mumbai Police has also registered a case against Nupur Sharma in the matter of objectionable remarks.I Support Nupur Sharma.

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In another FIR registered in the same case, IPC sections 153, 295 against former BJP spokesperson Naveen Jindal, senior journalist Saba Naqvi, Shadab Chauhan, Maulana Mufti Nadeem, Abdur Rehman, Gulzar Ansari, Anil Kumar Meena and Pooja Shakun associated with Hindu Mahasabha. A case has been registered under , 505.nupur sharma comments on muhammad pravakta.

Nupur Sharma Arrested  Nupur Sharma what did she say

After what the BJP has done in this matter, there is a feeling of resentment and disappointment among BJP supporters and workers.I Support Nupur Sharma

There are strong protests against Nupur Sharma in different parts of the country, some placards are being thrown against Nupur Sharma, some attitudes are being shown, some are demanding arrest and some want death penalty. The ruckus is such that it is being created on sight.

what did nupur sharma say about prophet

The voices of protest against Nupur Sharma are getting louder, there is a demand that Nupur Sharma should be arrested. Such is the situation not only in Delhi. Protests are intensifying in many other cities of the country as well. Al Qaeda is threatening suicide attack over Nupur Sharma’s statement. View video.Nupur Sharma Arrested

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Nupur Sharma, who made controversial remarks about Prophet Mohammad, has been expelled from the BJP for 6 years. Not only this, he is facing tremendous opposition in the country and the world, but in the midst of all this, there are many celebrities who are openly supporting Nupur Sharma’s statement. Let us tell you that till now all the Arab countries have registered their objection against Nupur Sharma’s statement and have also sought clarification from India. In India too, all political parties have opposed Nupur’s statement.What Did Nupur Sharma say on tv.Nupur Sharma Arrested

Nupur Sharma Arrested Nupur Sharma what did she say

One of the first to support Nupur Sharma’s statement is that of the Netherlands MP. Dutch MP and leader of Netherlands’ Party of Freedom Gert Wilders has said that I am surprised that Islamic countries are angry with Indian leader Nupur Sharma’s statement about Prophet Mohammad. He said that why did India apologize for this? Wilders said that at this time Indians should defend Nupur Sharma’s statement and be proud of her statement. Nupur Sharma what did she say .

Nupur Sharma what did she say

Pakistani-origin writer Tariq Fateh is also among those supporting Nupur Sharma’s statement. He has demanded strict security to Nupur Sharma. Tarif Fateh has said that Islamic Jihadis are threatening Nupur. Police should protect them. Tariq said, ‘People make fun of Hindu gods and goddesses. No one talks about it, but what Nupur said caused a ruckus. In Nigeria a Muslim killed people in a church and no one dared to raise the issue.

Nupur Sharma what did she say: what did nupur sharma say about prophet

The name of former Tripura Governor and BJP leader Tathagata Roy is also included in the support of Nupur Sharma’s statement. He has said that he is very saddened by the suspension of Nupur Sharma. Tathagata Roy said that I am deeply saddened by the treatment of Nupur Sharma, I support BJP because this ideology is closest to my thinking in terms of religion, politics and leadership. Nupur Sharma what did she say.

is Nupur Sharma Arrested

It is worth noting that on June 20, no one in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly had anticipated that this day would be engulfed in the Nupur Sharma controversy. A motion was introduced in the House in a hurry regarding his alleged controversial remarks made against Prophet Muhammad. State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee introduced this resolution in the House. However, the program for presenting this proposal was not fixed in advance. Due to the matter being under consideration in the Nupur Sharma controversy, this condemnation motion was passed without naming anyone.Nupur Sharma Arrested

Condemnation motion has been passed in Bengal Assembly. BJP MLAs strongly opposed this proposal. During this, BJP members also walked out of the house.Nupur Sharma Arrested

When West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee got up to speak while introducing this resolution, the BJP members started creating a ruckus. Under the leadership of Suvendu Adhikari, BJP leaders protested fiercely inside the house. However, these protests hardly made any difference to the ruling party.

Mamta Banerjee further said that BJP does politics of provocation and hatred. Regarding the Agneepath scheme, the Chief Minister said that the BJP is not working properly on the issue of unemployment. He said- “BJP is trying to build its cadre through Agneepath scheme. We salute the soldiers of the army. They will work in defense and will learn the skill of using weapons during their training. Then after 4 years they will be released.”

The IMC’s protest against the remarks on Prophet Mohammad has been postponed once again. Now this dharna will be held on 19th June at Islamia Inter College ground in the form of Yaum-e-Durood. Women and children will no longer be involved. They have got permission from the administration on June 19 to hold this dharna. It is claimed that this is the first time in Uttar Pradesh that anyone has been allowed to protest.