Nupur Sharma Statement Video

Nupur Sharma Statement Video, Nupur Sharma Statement Video Real, Nupur Sharma Statement Video link.The controversial remarks made by BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Prophet Muhammad, the matter does not seem to stop at the moment. i support nupur sharma Seeing the growing controversy regarding this matter, Nupur Sharma also apologized and the party expelled her.

Nupur Sharma Statement Video

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, a man was killed by slitting his throat for supporting Nupur Sharma. The man used to run a sewing shop. It is being told that a few days ago the deceased Kanhaiyalal shared a post on social media.

Significantly, this is not the first case of violence over the controversial remarks made by former BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammed. Even before this, violence took place in many states in protest against his remarks. In this report, we will tell you what happened in the Nupur Sharma case so far.

Nupur Sharma Statement Video


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Nupur Sharma Statement Video

As you know, these days there is a discussion all over the country regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case of Varanasi. In such a situation, on Friday 27 May 2022, Nupur Sharma reached the debate of a national television news channel. During the debate, he alleged that some people are constantly making fun of Hindu faith. If this is the case then she can also make fun of other religions. Nupur Sharma further mentioned Islamic beliefs, which was shared by Mohammad Zubair from his Twitter account by alleged fact-checking and accused Nupur of making controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad.

Nupur Sharma Statement Video link

What Did Nupur Sharma say on tv| Nupur Sharma Statement Video

Hindu Lives Matter

The remarks made by these former BJP leaders on Prophet I Support Nupur Sharma Muhammad have gone unnoticed by all the Muslim countries. From Saudi Arabia to the Taliban of Afghanistan, have tried to surround India on this matter. The protestors include not only Muslim countries but also an organization of such countries.  bjp Leader Nupur Sharma The name of this organization is Organization of Islamic Cooperation ie OIC.

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Threats to kill and slit
Gaurav Tyagi met Kotwali in-charge Aishwarya Pal and told that some time ago he had written a post on Facebook in favor of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Alleged that after posting threatening calls and messages are coming on his mobile. The callers and messages are threatening to kill and slit their throats. Along with this, he is telling himself of the states of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc.

Told that a youth has been murdered in Rajasthan for posting in favor of Nupur Sharma. In such a situation, his life is also in danger. During this, BJYM’s state co-media in-charge Gaurav Kaushik, Sagar Goyal, Deepak Pandey, Kavish Mittal, Rajat Gautam, Vivek Tyagi, Anant, Mukul Tyagi etc. were present. On the other hand, Kotwali in-charge Aishwarya Pal said that on the basis of Tahrir, a case has been registered and investigation has been started in the case of threatening unknown person.

Nupur Sharma Statement Video link

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In another FIR registered in the same case, IPC sections 153, 295 against former BJP spokesperson Naveen Jindal, senior journalist Saba Naqvi, Shadab Chauhan, Maulana Mufti Nadeem, Abdur Rehman, Gulzar Ansari, Anil Kumar Meena and Pooja Shakun associated with Hindu Mahasabha. A case has been registered under , 505.nupur sharma comments on muhammad pravakta.

There are strong protests against Nupur Sharma in different parts of the country, some placards are being thrown against Nupur Sharma, some attitudes are being shown, some are demanding arrest and some want death penalty. The ruckus is such that it is being created on sight.


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Nupur Sharma Statement Video


The name of former Tripura Governor and BJP leader Tathagata Roy is also included in the support of Nupur Sharma’s statement. He has said that he is very saddened by the suspension of Nupur Sharma. Tathagata Roy said that I am deeply saddened by the treatment of Nupur Sharma, I support BJP because this ideology is closest to my thinking in terms of religion, politics and leadership. Nupur Sharma what did she say.

Jammu and Kashmir’s YouTuber Faisal Wani has apologized for a video released against Nupur Sharma. Nupur Sharma, who made controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad, has recently been suspended from the party by the BJP. Actually, Faizal recently shared a graphic video on YouTube beheading Nupur Sharma. On seeing this video became viral on social media and mixed reactions of people started coming out on it.

Nupur Sharma Statment Video Details

After this, many users on social media informed the Jammu and Kashmir Police and demanded strict action. However, after the protest, Faisal Wani deleted the video from his YouTube channel. But even after being deleted, the video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and is being shared. Faizal uploaded this video late on Friday night. Now Wani has apologized for this alleged controversial video of his.

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