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 Sonali Phogat Viral Video: There has been a big disclosure in the postmortem report of BJP leader Sonali Phogat. It is being told that many injury marks have been found on Sonali’s body. According to the report, this injury must have been caused by some heavy or solid object. Meanwhile, Goa Police has arrested two people Sudhir Sagwan and Sukhwinder Vasi in the case.

Sonali Phogat Viral Video

The suspense is increasing over the death of BJP’s female leader Sonali Phogat. The family members have expressed suspicion of murder. Now his brother has leveled allegations against Goa Police. In a video, his brother said that the Goa Police was not listening to him. His laptop, mobile and CCTV hard disk have been stolen from Sonali Phogat’s farm house. We have complained. At the same time, according to media reports, Sonali’s PA Sudhir has been taken into custody. However it has not been confirmed.

Sonali Phogat Viral Video

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Sonali Phogat’s body is currently in Goa. The screw is also stuck on the post-mortem of the dead body. His family says that till the FIR is not registered, they will not get the post-mortem done. Earlier, his sister Reeman said that PA Sudhir Sangwan should be investigated. We called him 50 times but he did not pick up the phone. Didn’t answer any of our calls. The phone was disconnected saying that Sonali Phogat has died in the accident. Sonali Phogat’s nephew has claimed that Sonali had swelling and stretch marks on her face.

Sonali Phogat Case

On Sonali Phogat death case, IGP OS Bishnoi said that a case of murder has been registered against two people at Anjuna police station. The inspection of the matter is going on. The brother of the deceased has mentioned the involvement of his PA and another person. The detailed postmortem report is expected soon. Tonight the body of the victim will reach Delhi. He said that the women police officers who examined Sonali Phogat’s body did not find any sharp injury on the body.

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Brother Rinku again expressed doubts about his death
Sonali Phogat’s brother Rinku told that she had no plans to come to Goa. He was brought to Goa for his murder. The family was not aware about Sonali’s coming to Goa. When we checked on the matter coming for the shooting of the film, it came to know that there was no shooting here. There was no artist here.

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Sonali Phogat News : The matter of death of Tick Talk star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat is getting complicated. Earlier the cause of death was said to be heart attack. But now an FIR of murder has been registered in the case. The interrogation of the accused in the case Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Sangwan is also going on by the Goa Police. Sonali Phogat’s post-mortem report has revealed that there were marks of licking with sharp objects at many places on her body. 0 LIVE Meanwhile, a CCTV footage related to Sonali Phogat has also surfaced. It is seen that Sonali was fine till 6.30 am on Tuesday (August 23). She is seen in the CCTV footage at that time. But then the news of his death comes around 10 o’clock.

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Goa Police is busy in search of answers to the questions related to this. Now Goa Police has captured many important CCTV footages up to two hours before Sonali Phogat’s death. 0 60 % At present the police suspects Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Sangwan. Both are staff members of Sonali. Sudhir is Sonali’s PA (Personal Assistant). Sonali’s family has made many allegations against Sudhir. Sonali’s family has also said in the FIR about the murder under a political conspiracy. The interrogation of both of them is going on at present.

This is the allegation against both the associates of Sonali Phogat

According to the statement issued by the police, Sonali Phogat was given narcotics during a party by two of her associates before her death. Both of them are accused in the Phogat ‘murder’. Inspector General of Police Omvir Singh Bishnoi said both the accused can be seen adding “some chemical substance” to the drink, which was served to Phogat at a party held at Anjuna’s restaurant.

Both went to Goa with Phogat

The detained accused Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh had gone to Goa with Phogat on August 22. Bishnoi said that the accused during police interrogation admitted to administering drugs to Phogat at Anjuna’s restaurant in North Goa. He said that both the accused would be arrested soon.

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