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The 5 Best Digital Marketing Online Course Digital Marketing Course 2022


 Digital Marketing Course Online  2022

 Best Digital Marketing Course India, Digital Marketing Online

The new era of income and business are growing in online digital marketing. Platform like e-commerce, e-learning . Most of people make money throw online digital marketing. Blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancer, eBooks , video content.Online platform are growing very fast
And create a online income sources for digital marketer, many of people make huge money from online marketing.

Digital Marketing Online Course

firstly online digital marketing course provide a knowledge  of various type of online marketing like affiliate marketing, freelancing, content creator, social media marketing, in course  teach you basic and advance marketing knowledge to grow your own business. on online network.

Way of Digital Marketing.

basically, You can earn a lot of money from the blog, blogging are one of the best source of digital marketing you have to write articles in the blog, the field of which you have knowledge, if you work a little hard and be patient, then you are sure to get success.

a. How to create a blog account –

firstly, You can create a blog account in many places, you should create a blog on blogger.com and WordPress. It is very easy.
– You can easily create a blog account for free on blogger.com, if you have a Gmail account, then it is even easier.
Blogging kings I included
A. Harsh Agarwal
B. Neil Patel.

2. By creating a channel on YouTube

 – Since today\’s era is digital era, today most people use you tube for information and entertainment, so the number of public is very large. If you are a good video creator, then this is a very good tool for you, you do not have to work very hard to make you tube channel and like a blog it is also created from Gmail account.

3.Affiliate marketing
basically, Today is the time of computer, mobile and digital age, today\’s society is using online shopping the most, in such a way, affiliate marketing is being promoted by different company and e-commerce, amazon and flip kart leading company in it.

4.Online teaching or special skill

basically  If you have a good knowledge of a field and you can teach, then you can also make income online by giving education to someone. Different types of apps and sites provide this facility to you. If you know any other skill then you can sell it.

digital marketing online course

5 Best Digital Marketing Course Online platform 2022

1.Google Digital Marketing Course this is free with certificate.

2.SEMRUSH academy free with certificate.

3.udemy online digital marketing course paid with certificate.


4.Hubspot online course free with certificate.

5.Reliablesoft academy paid with certificate.

In this course we learn about-

1. Digital marketing basics.
2.Facebook / Instagram Ads.
3.Search engine optimization (SEO).
4.Keyword research.
5.Google analytics.
6.Social media marketing.
7.How to start an online business.
8.How to make sure customers find you online.
9.How to promote a business with online advertising (Google Ads).
10.Mobile Marketing.

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