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university of virginia shooting suspect, virginia football players killed, university of idaho homicide, On Monday morning, an active manhunt was underway at the University of Virginia for Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. is a UVA student who was a former college football player and was the suspect in Sunday’s shooting that left three people dead as well as two others injured.
Jones was a former UVA footballer and is considered dangerously armed. According to the school’s athletic department website Jones was a member of the 2018 football team but had never played in a game.

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According to police, Jones is a Black male who was last seen wearing a blue jacket or hoodie with blue jeans and red sneakers. Jones might be driving a black SUV bearing the Virginia tag TWX3580.
Jones was taken off-campus at 11:11 Monday morning after a 12-hour manhunt.
who was named as the suspect in the shooting at the UVA campus on November 13, 2022. (University of Virginia Police/Twitter
The victims of the three deaths were D’ Sean Perry, UVA linebacker, and Devin Chandler, wide receiver.
Police stated that Jones was not a member of the UVA football team for more than a year. Jones was also subject to a prior investigation into hazing. Jones was also the subject of pending university disciplinary action after he failed to report that Jones was involved in a February 2021 crime involving a concealed weapons violation that took place outside of Charlottesville.
Fox News confirmed that the FBI arrived on the scene Monday morning.

university of idaho shooting

A shelter-in-place order was lifted on campus at 10:33 a.m.  However, “a large presence of police will still remain.”
Jim Ryan, UVA president, confirmed Jones’ status as a student in a message to his community Monday morning.
The University of Virginia continues to be under investigation for the shooting of Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr.
joined forces with other law enforcement agencies in order to apprehend this suspect. We will keep the community informed about developments as they occur.”
On Monday, classes were canceled because students and faculty were instructed to stay sheltered in their places.
Jones played football throughout high school.
During an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Monday, November 14, 2022, a Charlottesville Police vehicle was parked on Culbreath Road.
Newsweek reported that he attended Varina High School for three years before moving to Petersburg High School. There, he was a linebacker and running back.
Jones was featured in an article for the Richmond Times-Dispatch in 2018 with the headline “Petersburg High graduates navigate a fractured path towards graduation.”
According to the article, Jones grew up in Richmond’s Essex Village and Mosby Court housing communities. He saw his parents divorce at five years old and didn’t see his father until he was a teenager.
A University of Virginia officer pulls a van loaded with people from the crime scene in an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia campus, Charlottesville, Monday, November 14, 2022.

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“It was the most terrible thing that ever happened to me in all of my life. I was unable to understand his departure. Jones said that people didn’t understand him when I went to school.” Jones stated in the newspaper at that time.
Jones’ family claims he was a good student, but he also got involved in fights that led to his suspension. Jones said that his mentors and family helped him focus on his grades and control his anger. Jones said that he would have been “just another kid whose father left me” if it weren’t for the mentors and family members who helped him.
Culbreath Road is a pedestrian route that a police officer takes during an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Monday, November 14, 2022.
Multiple agencies, including a helicopter from the Virginia State Police, were actively looking for the suspect.
The filming took place about a month prior to the start of the fall semester exams.
The UVA Police Department, and UVA Emergency Management both warned via Twitter that a search of the campus was underway. They advised that they expect an increase in law enforcement presence and that people should continue to shelter where they are.
During an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia Charlottesville, Monday, November 14, 2022, a bus is seen sitting behind police tape.
The shooting occurred in the Culbreth garage parking lot at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. A campus alert was issued warning students and faculty to report an active attacker firearm and to “RUN.” HIDE. FIGHT.”
Ryan confirmed that the shooting took place on university grounds.
Bethanie Glover is the deputy spokesperson for the University of Virginia. She speaks with members of the media on Monday, November 14, 2022, during an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia campus.  We will make plans to gather as a community to mourn as soon as the suspect has been apprehended.”

Bethanie Glover is the deputy spokesperson for the University of Virginia. She speaks with members of the media on Monday, November 14, 2022, during an active shooter situation at the University of Virginia campus.

Ryan said Monday morning, “This is a message that no leader wants to have to convey, and I am devastated by the violence that has visited University of Virginia.” “I am holding the families of the victims and all members of University of Virginia community in mine today. We will make plans to gather as a community to mourn as soon as the suspect has been apprehended.”

Robyn S. Hadley, Vice President and Dean for Students, sent a message to students Monday morning. She said that she was on Grounds just like you. She is sheltering in place and in direct contact with University leadership and UPD.

chris jones university of virginia

“Please, take the shelter-in-place commands seriously, as the situation is still active. The suspect is dangerously armed. The message continued, “If you aren’t inside and safe, seek safety immediately.”

Longo was informed of the arrest of the suspect during Monday’s news conference. A captain from the Virginia State Police intervened and whispered to him.

Longo stated, “We have just received information that the suspect has been taken into custody.” Before a long pause to absorb the news,

According to Henrico police, the 22-year old was seen driving in Henrico County Virginia. He was taken into custody shortly before 11 a.m.

Longo stated that Jones faces three counts each of second-degree murder as well as three counts for using a firearm in the commission a felony. He said that charges could change.

Longo also disclosed prior history with Jones. University officials were tasked with investigating a report that Jones made about having a gun. Longo stated that Jones didn’t make any threat.

Jones was involved in a Hazing Investigation, which was closed later due to non-cooperative witnesses, Longo stated.

Longo stated that the university’s threat assessment team discovered a previous criminal incident in which a “concealed weapon violation” occurred from February 2021 in another town. Longo stated that Jones was required to report the incident as a student and that he did not. Therefore, appropriate administrative charges were brought against Jones. Longo stated that the matter is currently being investigated.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, stated Monday that the President and First Lady were grieving for the University of Virginia community following yet another tragic shooting in America. Three young people died in the attack. We offer our deepest condolences to the many families, friends and neighbors who are grieving for the victims as well as those hurt in this senseless shooting.

The press secretary urged the Senate to adopt an assault weapons ban. In July, the House narrowly approved a ban by a symbolic vote.

University of Virginia: Suspect in Custody; Victims Identified as Former Teammates
Officials have arrested the suspect, who was returning from a field trip when he began shooting at students on a bus. Christopher Jones Jr. is a student at University of Virginia (UVA). According to the university’s athletic website, Jones was a running back on the 2018 football team.

At a Monday morning press conference, police identified the victims of the shooting at the students. The team was returning from a trip for a play when they were shot and killed.

The President of UVA confirmed that all three victims of the shooting were footballers. Names of the victims include juniors Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., Dorchester, South Carolina, as well as fourth-year student D’Sean Perry, Miami, Florida.

Officials confirmed that the students were both admitted to hospital. The one student is stable, the other is critical. At the press conference, Jones Jr. was arrested.

Staff and faculty at the University of Virginia were advised Monday morning to stay where they are. Police were searching for a student in connection to a shooting that left three people dead and injured at least two others. The university lifted the lockdown that was in effect since Sunday night.

Monday’s classes were cancelled and a shelter in place order was in effect. Fox News reported that the FBI arrived on the scene to assist in the ongoing search at UVA. Although local authorities took charge, they enlisted the assistance of many other agencies, including the Virginia State Police helicopter.

Around 10:30 p.m., shots were heard from the school’s Culbreth Road parking garage, near the drama building. On Sunday, the University of Virginia’s Office of Emergency Management tweeted about the incident.

Jim Ryan, the university president, sent an email to UVA students. He confirmed, “I am deeply sorry to report that there have been three deaths from the shooting.” He also confirmed that two additional victims had been wounded and are being treated at the local hospital.

Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia, said that prayers have been offered for the school as well as its community.

According to the UVA Chief Police, Jones was charged with three counts second-degree murder. Jones was also charged with using a firearm in the commission a felony.

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