what is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme 2022: Apply Agneepath Scheme

what is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

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what is Agneepath scheme

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme’ in the Army today  on June 14, 2022. The chiefs of the three armies were present on the spot. With the introduction of this scheme, Rajnath Singh told its benefits. It was also told that the warriors of Agneepath scheme will be called Agniveer.

what is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

Which age group youth can apply?
In this scheme, the government will give good salary to the firefighters and even after 4 years of job, the youth will get a lot of new opportunities for the future. Let us tell you that in this scheme, youth from 17.5 years to 21 years (agneepath scheme army age limit) can apply. There will be a provision for training from 10 weeks to 6 months in this. Apply  Now

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

  • Soldiers will be reviewed after 4 years
  • Along with this, they will get service fund package while leaving their job.
  • There will be no pension in the scheme, lump sum money will be given
  • The soldiers recruited under this army will be called Agniveer.
  • Most of the jawans recruited under this scheme will be freed after four years.

Agneepath scheme eligibility-

if you want to apply in Agneepath Scheme your age in between 17.5year to 22year of youn indian boys and girls they have passed also 10th or 12th class minimum Hight are 168cm for boys and 154cm for girls. they are citizens of India and its stats.

 Agneepath scheme eligibility


Agneepath scheme salary-

If we talk about the salary in this scheme, then according to the Ministry of Defense, the youth will get an annual package of 4.76 lakh for the first year in this scheme. At the same time, in the last ie fourth year, it will increase to 6.92 lakhs. At the same time, the people of the army will also get the benefit of allowances with risk and hardship. At the same time, after the completion of 4 years of service, Rs 11.7 lakh will be given to the youth of the army as service fund. Please note that no tax will be levied on this amount. Enroll now

YearCustomised Package (Monthly)In Hand (70%)Contribution to Agniveers Corpus Fund (30%)Contribution to Corpus fund by GoI
GoI All Figures in Rs. (Monthly Contribution)
1 st Year30000rs21000rs9000rs9000rs
2 nd Year33000rs23100rs9900rs9900rs
3 rd Year36000rs25550rs10950rs10950rs
4 th Year40000rs28000rs12000rs12000rs
All Figures in Rs. (Monthly Contribution)
Total Contribution in Agniveers Corpus Fund after four yearsRs. 5.02 lakhRs. 5.02 lakh
lakh Exit after 4 yearRs. 10.04 Lakhs as Seve Nidhi Package (absolute amount excluding interest)


how to join Agneepath scheme-

The Govt. of India Will Open A Online or Offline Vacancy under the Agneepath Scheme if you are eligibility to apply in this scheme the department are select you for training. in Agneepath Scheme the Recruitment start in august and september month. apply online

What Expert Say On Agneepath Scheme

PK Sehgal said in a conversation with Aaj Tak that this is a very bad scheme of the government. This can prove to be an avenue for the government. There is lot of unemployment in the country. The government has prepared a plan to recruit 46 thousand people under the Agneepath scheme, if people come here. Will join the army but after four years, he may be disappointed.what is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

Recruitment will continue to increase every year

Explain that under the Agneepath scheme, 40 thousand Army, 3000 Navy and 3000 soldiers will be recruited in the Air Force in the first year. Altogether 46 thousand will be recruited. In which women can also take part. That is, the avenues for recruitment of women as soldiers have been opened in the three armies. In the second year also, 40 thousand army, 3000 navy and 3500 army air force will be recruited. In the third year, 45,000 will be recruited in the Army, 3,000 in the Navy and 4,400 in the Air Force. Similarly, in the fourth year, 50,000 will be recruited in the Army, 3,000 in the Navy and 5,300 in the Air Force. In the future, the recruitments will keep increasing in the same way.what is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme


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